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Download multiple images and videos in original resolution.


New way to instantly download photo or video from Thread!

  • Copy URL from Threads app. (i.e
  • Add media to the URL (i.e
  • And it will be same as you input URL to the box!
  • All are same!

Why Threads Media Downloader?

Threads Media Downloader brings all these features and a lot more to the table, aiming to provide a premium browsing experience for everyone. So why settle for less? Begin using our intelligent, efficient, and incredible tool today. Immerse yourself in the world of HD visuals and nifty features designed to please your media-oriented needs.

  • Save Multiple Images and Videos in HD
    Not content with just saving one image or video at a time? With Threads, you can save several at once, ensuring high-definition quality for every piece of media you download.
  • Effortless Transfer to Any Devices
    Whether it's your mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop, Threads Media Downloader makes transferring downloaded media to any of these devices a breeze.
  • Free to Use
    Staying on budget is the way to go, and that's why we provide our service for free. You can save as many images and videos as you want without worrying about hidden costs.
Put an end to your search right here. Discover how we've enriched the user experience by streamlining the saving process for your convenience. Enjoy a hassle-free way to save your photo and video. Never miss out on amazing photo!.

Frequently Asked Questions

Threads Media Downloader is your one-stop solution to save high-quality images and videos Threads from anywhere on the web, seamlessly transferred right to any of your devices.

Simply is you can download photo from threads, or download video from threads. We are called thread photo downloader and thread video downloader, and then named Thread Media Downloader.

The best part? It's absolutely free!
To download photo or video Thread is simple, just follow steps below:
  1. Copy the URL from Threads.
  2. Paste copied link to the box.
  3. Press "Get Media" and wait little bit.
  4. There's new box will appear at the bottom. Just press "Download" to photo or video you want to download.
Just put links to the box separate by new lines, will process photos or videos from URL in each line.
There is no maximum usage limit to download photo or video Threads. You can unleash the power of Threads Media Downloader anytime, as often as you need!
Of course free! You can download photo threads or download video threads anytime and anywhere for free wihout any limitations!
You can check it on "Downloads" menu on your Phone or Laptop browser. It will show your "Downloads" folder. There's commonly downloaded photo and video located.
Absolutely YES! If the thread post contain a lot of videos or images, you can download it all massively using Threads Media Downloader.
There is no device limitation, you can use Threads Media Downloader by visiting using browsers on any device, such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Laptop, Computer, etc.

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